50th First Dates (Thomas O'Malley's Style)

Thomas O'Malley's Movie Spoof of "50th First Dates"

Henry Roth - Timothy Q.Mouse (Dumbo)

Lucy Whitmore - Gadget Hackwrench (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)

Ula - Tony Toponi (An American Tail)

Doug Whitmore - Yogi Bear

Alexa - Thomas O'Malley (The Aristocats)

Dr. Keats - Mighty Mouse

Sue - Kangaroo (Dot and the Kangaroo)

Marlin Whitmore - Huckleberry Hound

Stacy - Laa Laa (Teletubbies)

Ten Second Tom - Basil of the Baker Street (The Great Mouse Detective)

Nick - Brain (Inspector Gadget)

Female Firefighter - Melody (Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater)

Old Hawaiian Man - Kasper Kat (The World of Hans Christian Andersen)

Security Guards - E.T. (E.T. The Extra Terrestrial) and Gizmo (Gremlins)

Factory Worker - Pero (The Wonderful World of Puss in Boots)

Patient - Hugo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Jennifer - Old Jack (The Adventures of Scamper the Penguin)

Pablo - Jiminy Cricket (Pinocchio)

Inam Sarah - Cleo (Heathcliff and the Cattilac Cats)

Cook's Helper - Matthias (Redwall)

Cafe Regulars - Bright Eyes (Pound Puppies), Quick Draw McGraw and Sid (Ice Age)

Ula's Kids - Share Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear, Cheer Bear, Swift Heart Rabbit, Proud Heart Cat and Gentle Heart Lamb (Care Bears)

Salon Worker - Luna (Sailor Moon)

Lina - Mrs. Fieldmouse (Thumbelina)

Warlus - Scooby Doo

Salon's Patrons - Nanny (Count Duckula) and Granny Franklin (Franklin)

Blonde in Office - The Unicorn (The Last Unicorn)

Dentist - Heidi the Hippo (Meet the Feebles)

Patient in Dentist Office - Lulu Caty (Lulu Caty and Friends)

Coroner - Danger Mouse

Woman in Car - Mrs.Beakley (DuckTales)

Red Head - Rita (Animaniacs)

Tan Friend - Miss Bianca (The Rescuers)

Young Woman - Jenny McBride (The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue)

Stacy's Husband - Barney (Barney and Friends)

Caddy - Secret Squirrel

Henry & Lucy's Daugter - Jerry (Tom and Jerry) and Mrs.Brisby (The Secret of NIMH)

Willie the Penguin - Pauley (Kimba the White Lion/The New Adventures of Kimba the White Lion)

The 2 Womans - Sagwa Miao (Sagwa, The Chinese Siamese Cat) and Lady (Lady and the Tramp)