Thomas O'Malley, TomandCleocatra and Rainbow Max Picture's movie spoof of "Alice in Wonderland"
Lulu, Susu and Mimi in Wonderland

alice - lulu, susu and mimi (lulu caty)

alice's help - ultraman

alice's sisters - cleocatra (tom and jerry kids)

dinah - pipkin (watership down)

the white rabbit - chip (hello kitty's furry tale theater)

the doorknob - frosty the snowman

the dodo - scrooge mcduck (ducktales)

tweedledee and tweedledum - wilbur (charlotte's web) and pumbaa (the lion king)

the warlus and the carpenter - pinky and brain (animaniacs)

bill the lizard - huckleberry finn (tom sawyer 2000)

the caterpillar - oil can harry (mighty mouse)

the caterpillar (butterfly) - alien mephilas (ultraman)

bird in a tree - marie (the aristocats)

the cheshire cat - darkwing duck

mad hatter and march hare - bloo and mac (foster's imaginary friends)

the rose - ultra of mother (ultraman taro)

the flowers - toons (who framed roger rabbit)

the doormouse - bartok (anastasia)

card painters - cow, chicken (cow and chicken) and i.r. baboon (i.m. weasel)

the queen of hearts - lahwhinie (chip 'n dale rescue rangers)

the king of hearts - squiddly diddly

the card solders - pink elephants (dumbo), dodos (ice age), gremlins and critters

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